Amber Rose Leads Hundreds for Her First-Ever ‘SlutWalk’ in L.A.

Amber Rose at the Amber Rose SlutWalk in Los Angeles on Oct. 3, 2015
Getty By Adam Carlson
Actress and model Amber Rose and hundreds of supporters gathered Saturday in Los Angeles for “SlutWalk” – a reminder to the world, as one sign put it, that “My Clothes Are Not My Consent,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

Rose and some of the participants wore revealing clothing for the event, the better to make their point: SlutWalks target what activists say are the double standards and victim-blaming that underline a pervasive culture of sexual violence. Click here to Read More

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Source: Cosmopolitan

Amber Rose Tells Us Why Her SlutWalk Is The Ultimate Feminist Movement

Source: MTV News

“I deal with a lot of equality issues in my own life, and I wanted to make a difference any way I can,” Rose told MTV News at a press conference on Friday (Oct. 2). “So basically me and my team put our blood, sweat and tears into developing our own SlutWalk to bring awareness to what’s going on.”

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Is Amber Rose’s Slut Walk Really About Women’s Rights?



Reach and Pay if Forward Hosts Women’s Empowerment Series

NBA Player’s Foundation Launches Women’s Empowerment Series

   Chicago Kidnap Victim and Survivor Shares Her Story for the First Time with Victims


Chicago Illinois— Chicago Native, NBA Detroit Pistons Player, Will Bynum, launches a new Women’s Empowerment Series in Chicago geared toward helping battered women who are healing from domestic violence in their lives. This stems from a yearlong initiative called “Reach and Pay it Forward, which is a national movement started through Bynum’s ReachITeach foundation. Essentially it is where he “reaches” to help an organization in need and then another person follows suit and “reaches” to pay it forward in a new way. The goal is to help as many homeless and battered women shelters across the United States–one person, foundation, or organization at a time. Recent Chicago kidnap victim, Katy Sharp who received local and national media attention. She was beaten with a baseball bat, and kidnapped for two months. She will share her story and be the keynote speaker for the first time. The first event will be held Sunday, February 23rd, 2014 at 161 W. Harrison Street at 4 p.m. All media must be approved with media credentials in order to attend.


This is the first of Bynum’s new “Women’s Reach and Pay it Forward” Empowerment Series, is a new monthly series that will be held on the last Sunday of each month geared toward domestic violence education and empowerment for women. Sharp will be the keynote speaker for this event, and will share her story. Sharp will share her story for the first time to victims regarding her traumatic experience with domestic violence. Her abductor who held her against her will was recently sentenced to life in prison for his horrific actions. Sharp created her own non-profit, Heart to Heart due to the experiences she went through. Sharp, along with others will speak about their stories, and answer any questions for women who are looking for advice, or just an ear to listen.


“I was torn, I didn’t know how I was going to make it, there were days where I didn’t know if I was going to be alive, what I did know was that I had the will to survive, that I was going to find a way to escape and I had the hope to make it through. I am breaking my silence and I want to help others reclaim their strength” said Sharp.


“I think this empowerment series will give women an opportunity to connect with one another, and see that being through a domestic violence situation does not mean that you’re less of a person, or that you should feel that way. This monthly group lets women see that they aren’t alone, and they don’t have to face what they’re going through alone” Will Bynum said.


Balkman’s efforts are part of a movement of athletes, businesses, and individuals who have been helping the homeless across the U.S., as part of the national “Reach and Pay it Forward” initiative. The goal is to help as many homeless and battered women shelters across the United States–one person, foundation, or organization at a time.

Partnering sponsors include: Women’s Domestic Hotline, Rape Victim Advocates, Metropolitan Family Services, and Healthcare Alternative Systems. For more information on this event contact, Shawn Zanotti at Exact Publicity at (312) 265-0941.

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161 W. Harrison Street Location

161 W. Harrison Street Location


Detroit Piston’s Will Bynum celebrates Thanksgiving by paying shelter for women’s electricity bill

Last night we attended the charitable dinner put on by Detroit Piston’s very own Will Bynum at Clara’s House in Englewood, which is also the neighborhood of Chicago where Will grew up. The residents were so happy and excited over the dinner put on by Bynum.
To everyone’s enjoyment Will came onto Skype, in between his NBA schedule to greet the residents of Clara’s Place. The giving didn’t stop there. Shawn, our CEO and publicist presented Will’s check to Clara Kirk who runs Clara’s House. The check, for 2500 dollars is to pay off Clara’s House electricity bill. The shelter, struggling with finances, needs generous donors such as Will to continue running.

This is the first of many events coming through Will’s Chicago-based Reach|Teach Foundation.


Explosive Will Bynum becoming a catalyst for the Pistons

Will Bynum is a legit threat and he can play. Now, his mindset is to run a team. That is why his line of 17 points and nine assists in the final preseason game against Minnesota was significant. No Pistons guard sets up Andre Drummond better than Bynum.

To the team, Bynum is a serious motivator. “Nothing was given to me,” Bynum said. “I had to work hard for everything. I appreciate things a whole lot more. Every opportunity I get to go out there, I play with a chip on my shoulder.” Bynum is one-of-a-kind a complete player who comes up strong during clutch situations.



Mavericks sign Renaldo Balkman

The Dallas Mavericks announced signing forward Renaldo Balkman.
Balkman (6-foot-8, 208 pounds) was selected by the New York Knicks with the 20th overall selection in the 2006 NBA draft. He holds career averages of 4.0 points, 3.5 rebounds and 13.9 minutes in 221 career games with New York and the Denver Nuggets.

The Staten Island, N.Y., native is a Puerto Rican-American who most recently played professionally for Brujos de Guayama in Puerto Rico. Balkman played collegiately at South Carolina, where he was named to the Southeastern Conference all-tournament team and National Invitation Tournament (NIT) Most Valuable Player in his final season with the Gamecocks.




Will Bynum, Gov. Quinn Join Forces to Promote Anti-Violence in Chicago

The Chicago native and Detroit Pistons guard held a basketball camp at Chicago State University to help promote anti-violence initiatives with youth in the city

Detroit Pistons guard and Chicago native Will Bynum held his 3rd Annual Elite Basketball Camp earlier this week on the campus of Chicago State University. The camp brought together the top talent from Chicago middle schools and high schools to showcase their skills at the three-day event.

On the final day of the camp, the best players went head-to-head in an all-star type game was held to see who would take home the camp championship.

Following the game, Bynum required all players, coaches and spectators to sign the Norm Van Lier Non-Violence pledge, which coincided with Governor Pat Quinn personally signing legislation to implement a new anti-violence task force at the camp. The task force will be comprised of six members, with one appointment made by the President of the Senate, one made by the Minority Leader of the Senate, one by the Speaker of the House and one by the Minority Leader of the House, with the remaining two being appointed by the Governor.

The law is effective immediately.

“Violence is a plague on too many Illinois communities,” Governor Quinn said. “I want to commend all the youth here today who are raising their voices against violence and taking a stand for keeping our communities safe. This task force will provide a fresh perspective and pursue new strategies that can help end the violence epidemic.”

“Being able to see these kids grow – even over the short three-day period – is what it’s all about. I want to give my campers hope, an opportunity to develop and excel at the game,” said Bynum. “I want to make sure these young kids are afforded all the opportunities they deserve, which is why my camp is just not about basketball, I incorporate leadership, mentoring, and anti-violence components in the form of break-out sessions as well.”

Bynum’s main goal for the camp each year is to instill and reinforce the leadership qualities and basketball skills these kids already have, while inspiring and motivating them to not only excel on the court, but off the court as well. Not only did the camp focus on basketball drills, speed training and conditioning, it also incorporated break out sessions from BUILD Chicago and Books Over Balls to speak to campers on the importance of an education.



The Champ’s Camp: Football Campers Learn From Chris Johnson

Super Bowl winner Chris Johnson hosts football camp at AHS to share foundations mission

By Jennifer Retter

The Community News

Half of the year, Baltimore Ravens defensive back Chris Johnson is touring the nation and training with his team in the Northeast. But the other half of the year, he’s right here in North Texas, putting on football camps that teach more than just plays.

Johnson, who has 3 children in the Aledo school system, held his first camp at AHS (previous camps have taken place in other locations) on Wednesday, July 10, for 6-to-17- year-olds with the goal of educating the whole athlete: mind and body.

Educating the mind: anger management and domestic violence awareness

In December 2011, Johnson received word that his sister, Jennifer, had been shot and killed by her estranged boyfriend, leaving behind two daughters. His mother, Della, had also been shot, but had survived.

The news rocked Johnson to his core, and he left the NFL to help care for Jennifer’s two daughters.

He returned to the NFL in 2012, signing with the Baltimore Ravens, and com- mitted himself to sharing his story and making a difference. He started the Showtime 37 Foundation dedi- cated to helping juveniles and educat- ing the community about domestic violence. With the help of non-profit speakers, Johnson organized break- out sessions for the campers.

“I have two goals here: to teach discipline as an athlete and to help them process the life skills they learn in the classroom,” Johnson said. “You hear on a daily basis about kids bullying in schools, and the people doing the classes are doing a good job on educating the kids on anger.” Marcus Boyd

of Santa Fe Youth Services (, an organization that specializes in working with adolescents and their families, spoke on understanding your anger triggers and monitoring your anger.

“A lot of kids don’t understand this: If I don’t have my anger under control and become a professional athlete, I might overreact and hurt my future,” Boyd said.

Debra Bowles, executive director of Women Called Moses Coalition and Outreach (, led one of the sessions. Bowles shared the mission of her organization and taught the athletes how to handle bullying.

Bowels said she was excited to partner with the camp for her cause because it aligns with the work of Chris Johnson.

“He’s on the front line trying to

“He’s on the front line trying to bring more awareness,” Bowles said. “Chris has such a way of making you feel that he’s concerned. I’ve met a lot of athletes, but this has taken me back home today. There’s are some really good guys who want to give back.”

Much like the campers were encouraged to work on their football skills, camp leaders encouraged students to the anger management and abuse identification skills they learned.

“Each of the campers that are here walk away not just a better athlete, but a better overall person,” publicist Shawn Zanotti said. “They really get the foundation on the other components of what it takes to be an athlete.”

Training the body: NFL drills fill the day

To keep 30-plus players in line for the day, Johnson’s team enlisted the help of two trainers.

Ryan Roberts, who played quarterback for Baylor, said he was happy to participate in the camp as a trainer. Roberts taught agility drills and tech- niques to the players on the AHS field.

“A lot of these kids are new to football, so today is about teaching the positions and drills,” Roberts said. “I’m happy to help a player like Chris. I have so much respect for him as a player and as a man.”

Roberts split the campers with Trent Shelton, who also played at Baylor and signed with the Indianapolis Colts, Seattle Seahawks and Washington Redskins in his professional career.

Some notable campers in attendance included Johnson’s two sons, Brandon and Chris Jr.

“I look at this as a dad, not a coach,” Johnson said of the athletic part of the camp. “It’s all about fun at the end of the day. It’s fun to be around my sons and the other little guys here at the camp.”

Brandon Webb, soon-to-be 7th grader at Aledo Middle School, shared his excitement about attending camp with his father and friends.

“Its really cool because all of my friends are here playing football and doing what they love,” Webb said.

Second grader, Christopher Johnson, known as Chris Jr., took a break from playing ultimate football to talk about his father.

“Its not much big of a deal because my dad’s been here before and I’m just happy for him,” Chris Jr. said

Chris Jr. said he’s been keeping his dad busy this summer.

Sometimes we play catch outside,” Chris Jr. said. “When we’re inside, we play video games.”