The complicated feminism of Amber Rose’s SlutWalk

Amber Rose doesn’t just want to end slut-shaming. She wants to stand at the forefront of sex positivity.

Rose and a few hundred women marched through Los Angeles Saturday in a SlutWalk organized by Rose’s nonprofit organization, the Amber Rose Foundation. In a speech, Rose revealed she was a 14-year-old virgin the first time she was slut-shamed. She then explained how her husband Wiz Khalifa, from whom she is separated, slut-shamed her in a song he released after they broke up. “I fell in love with a stripper/funny thing is I fell out of love quicker,” he rapped on the Juicy J track “For Everybody.” According to Rose, he has since apologized.  Click Here
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Amber Rose’s SlutWalk sparks debate

Amber Rose, an actress and model known for her personal style and steady position on the gossip pages, staged a “SlutWalk” in Los Angeles on Saturday that has folks debating the usefulness of the term and what it represents.

SlutWalks started in 2011 in response to a flippant remark reportedly made by a police officer after a spate of sexual assaults on the campus of Canada’s York University. According to local media reports, the officer said: “Women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized.”

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On a SlutWalk of No Shame With Amber Rose

Somewhere in West Hollywood, I’m searching for my gray lace thong in the bed of a dude who, prior to last night, I knew only from the internet. I was looking forward to a quick blunt and some pancakes but now I have to be showered, dressed, and in Burbank in an hour. It’s 8:15 a.m. when I find out, after much back and forth, that Amber Rose has agreed to let me trail her for the days leading up to her SlutWalk, a protest and day of events for the eradication of victim-blaming and support of sexual assault and abuse survivors that Rose is holding in Downtown Los Angeles this weekend. But if anyone is going to be understanding that I’m late for her interview because I’m on a walk of (no) shame, it’s Amber Rose. Click Here to read more
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Amber Rose SlutWalk story

So POPular! host Janet Mock shares part-one of her lengthy sit-down interview with Amber Rose in Los Angeles on slut shaming, feminism, and why she decided to hold her very own SlutWalk…    Click here to view interview


GLC’s Working On A New Album With Kanye West And Damon Dash

GLC’s Working On A New Album With Kanye West And Damon Dash
The Chicago staple announces The Book of St. Ism.


Chicago staple and G.O.O.D Music vet GLC has announced that his upcoming album, The Book of St. Ism, will be co-executive produced by Dame Dash and Kanye West. After reports that the duo have been plotting on a stake in Karmaloop, it appears they’ll be teaming up on music as well. “GLC is the best at what he does,” Dash said via press release. “When he played me his music, I knew I wanted to put this album together and I gave Kanye a call and brought him in.” From his formative verses on The College Dropout’s “Spaceships” and Late Registration’s “Drive Slow,” to his hook and spoken-word bridge on Kendrick Lamar’s “Poe Man’s Dreams,” GLC’s been pushing an “Ism” ideology that he plans to document in full on his new record. “The ism teaches kids and adults to apply themselves and to supply their wealth,” he states, “all while understanding that the only limitations you’ll ever have are those that you place on yourself.” Here’s to a million more Yeezy and Dame passion projects in 2015.

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Event Recap: ‘The Rhythm and The Blues’

Through legendary musicians like John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters and B.B. King, and with gritty lyrics mired in vivid storytelling and raw emotion, the blues remains as one of the most revered and influential genres of music. For filmmaker and Windy City native Darryl Pitts, the blues has very special meaning as it is the subject of his upcoming Chicago-based film, The Rhythm and The Blues. “The film is really important because it deals with a music form that has been long forgotten,” Pitts said recently at an event to announce the project.

Set in 1960s-70s, The Rhythm and The Blues is the story of a family of Mississippi-born blues musicians who relocate and try to lay down musical roots in Chicago. While other cities like St. Louis and Memphis are known for having strong ties to the blues, for Pitts, it’s all about the very specific area of the blues known as “Chicago blues.” “Chicago is the home to not only the blues, but [also] gospel, house music, and all these other art forms,” he said. “It’s not forgotten around the world but it’s forgotten here in Chicago.”

Also on hand at the Chicago announcement for the film was actor Leon, who will star as bluesman Eddie Taylor in the film. When it came time to cast the blues legend, for Pitts, Leon immediately came to mind. “I wanted someone who could be nuanced,” Pitts said. “He is a very underutilized talent and he is actually one of this generation’s best actors. When he brings it, he brings it.”

Fans everywhere know Leon from his roles in soul and rock and roll-themed films like The Temptations, The Five Heartbeats and Little Richard, and he is happy to add a blues-related project to his resume.“That’s what I really love about this movie; the blues is a big part of our culture,”the actor said.“When you talk about the blues, it’s not just a form of music; it’s a form of expression for African Americans in this country.”

Filming of The Rhythm and The Blues is expected to get underway soon and will also be part of job creation and other opportunities in Chicago’s thriving entertainment industry. As for the film itself, Pitts promises it will stand apart from movies with similar subject matter. “People have asked what is different about this film than other films that have existed about the blues. The difference is that we’re dealing with culture, with people, with lives and with stories.”

–LaShawn Williams

LaShawn Williams is a freelance writer and editor from Chicago, Illinois. She is an arts and entertainment enthusiast who has a serious thing for stand-up comedy, music and dance. Follow her on Twitter: @MsWilliamsWorld.

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Celebrities Support New Film ‘The Rhythm and The Blues’

Celebrities Support New Film

‘The Rhythm and The Blues’

Nearly 100 top influencers gathered along with local Chicago celebrities to support Chicago’s newest film “The Rhythm and the Blues.” The film, which is set to shoot in the next couple of months, is set in the 1960’s and 70’s, and based on a true story of a Mississippi born family of blues musicians trying to make it in the Windy City. Socialite and Public Figure George Daniels, Comedian George Willborn, Rapper & Artist GLC, and Craftsman Spokesperson Robert North , among other celebrities, were in attendance to support the new film.

Darryl Pitts, producing partner for the movie, says he plans to hire a substantial number of local Chicago actors and crew. They will work beside globally known blues musicians Guy Davis and Sugar Blue—along with several Hollywood stars.

Leon, who is known for portraying music performers in movies such as The Temptations and The Five Heartbeats, spoke highly of how he was looking forward to playing the lead role of Eddie Taylor as well as entertaining the crowd. “Eddie Taylor is an inspiration to many of the people struggling to make it big and he succeeded,” said Leon when he was discussing why he chose to play the lead role.

Live blues music was played during the event by the legendary Chicago based Blues singer Larry Taylor, whose life forms the basis for the film.

Co-sponsors included Cup-cakes and Cocktails, Edible Bliss, Ellie’s Cafe and Sweet Berries. Exact Publicity provided the elegant space and is handling all PR for this film.

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Darryl Pitts gears up for R&B film based on life of bluesman Larry Taylor

Nearly 100 top influencers gathered along with local Chicago celebrities to support Chicago’s newest film, The Rhythm and the Blues.

Based on the true story of a Mississippi-born family of blues musicians trying to make it in the Windy City, the film is set to shoot in the next couple of months. Producer Darryl Pitts plans to hire local Chicago actors and crew who will work alongside renowned blues musicians Guy Davis and Sugar Blue, along with several Hollywood stars.

George Daniels, iconic record store owner of George’s Music Room, comedian George Willborn, rapper and artist GLC, and craftsman spokesperson Robert North were among the celebrities.

Actor Leon (The TemptationsThe Five Heartbeats) says he looks forward to playing the lead role of Chicago-based blues guitarist Eddie Taylor, “Eddie Taylor is an inspiration to many of the people struggling to make it big and he succeeded.”

Live blues music was played during the event by Eddie’s stepson, legendary bluesman Larry Taylor, whose life forms the basis of the film.

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It is an overnight success story several years in the making. It’s the art of perseverance and an indomitable entrepreneurial spirit that fuels their rising star in Chicago’s burgeoning fashion scene.

Brandon Williamson founded Persévérer in Detroit a few years ago then relocated to Chicago where he opened an atelier. The PRSVR line started with with leather goods, primarily luggage and outerwear. The collection quickly grew to include shoes, clothing, and accessories, for men, women, and children. The PRSVR name is synonymous with Persévérer (french for persevere) and came for the need of something bold and easy to remember. It is also an acronym (Passion, Resilience, Sacrifice, Values, and Respect) which is their mantra and is in everything they do. I feel their message should also be do it right or not at all because everything I saw on the hanger and shelf was of the upmost quality.

Over time Persévérers style and message caught on and soon was seen worn by some of the hottest celebrities on both coasts.

All the pieces are designed for impact but tempered with a midwestern sensibility. Everything in the PRSVR line is made of rich materials, buttery leathers, heavy cottons, in bold colors and patterns. Even the tiniest details are seen to, flamingo pink silk linings that look and feel decadent, polished gold zipper pulls that elevate from utilitarian to elegant (something you wouldn’t normally say about zippers) It is a luxury line that looks and feels good in every detail.

Its eye-catching designs stand out without going avant-garde or too couture. Wearing PRSVR will definitely set you apart but without looking out of place. PRSVR is also at a price point far lower that its competitive brands. Granted it is a luxury brand so there is a premium but one that’s not out of reach.

…And now a few words with Margaret Williamson:

PRSVR started in Detroit. With New York being the default destination for most designers, what made you choose Chicago?

Both Brandon and I are from the Midwest, so Chicago feels like home for us. Of course it has posed some challenges for us, but we are committed to staying true to our roots. Our plan is to always have a flagship store in Chicago, even as we expand across the world.

The new flagship store on the 5th floor of 900 North Michigan Shops opens October 15th, how will it differ from the “Hours” storefront in Pilsen, and the “appointment only” Atelier?

The Atelier was our very first retail endeavor. We actually lived in the back. It was a perfect beginning for us, and proved that the brand was ready for its own space.
Hours by PRSVR is a concept store that is tagged as an Elevated Lifestyle Boutique. The space will house everything from clothing and footwear, to books, music, and toys…literally everything that fits an Elevated Lifestyle for men, women, and children.
The PRSVR Flagship store at 900N will showcase the brand in a way that communicates the Elevated aspect of the designs. Our goal is to create pieces that are stylish, yet functional…pieces that fit seamlessly into the busy lives of those who live and work in the city. It only makes sense that our store resides on the busiest shopping street in Chicago!
How was it like the first time you saw someone wearing your label ?

It’s always a thrilling experience to see someone in our pieces. It is such a sense of validation to know that someone else identified with your vision enough to spend his or her money on it. The first time it happened, there were definitely tears of joy!

Does your collection revolve around a central theme or do you design each piece unique unto itself ?

We create 4 major collections each year. Our unique identification system for the seasons is one that describes the essence more than the weather.

Winter is Hibernation: these collections always tend to be centered around darker colors and heavier fabrics for us. It’s a time of year where you want to be inside, and be well insulated when you’re outside. We use a lot of padded silhouettes, fur lining, and English wool.
Spring is Transformation: this collection is all about versatility and function. You’ll see a lot of multi-use items like removable sleeves and reversible prints. It’s a time for lighter fabrics and brighter colors.
Summer is Vacation: this is a fun collection for us. It’s full of quirky pieces that allow you to “blend out.” We’ve done our Neon Lux pieces in bright pink and lime green, our Tyson boxing shorts in quilted purple leather, our Faux Real boatneck top, to name a few.
Fall is Destination: this is always our standout season. It’s a time of year that still corresponds to new clothes and “back to school” shopping in our heads. The pieces are always meant to be transitional and easily layered.
Are there any designers who inspire you ?

Of course! There are so many talented designers these days, but I must say that our greatest inspiration come from the greats of our adolescence. Ralph Lauren and the way he has structured his brands is extremely inspiring. Our vision is to one day have several different brands under the Persévérer house.

Philanthropy is a part of your brands identity. You are active supporters of Breast Cancer Awareness Month; having partnered with Bright Pink by donating a portion of proceeds from the sale of the Camouflage Flamingo Pink Luxury Work Boot to fund Breast Cancer Research. How did this come about and are there other causes that are close to you ?

Giving back is a key pillar of our brand and our lives. We are constantly looking for opportunities to sow seeds in areas where help is needed. As far as our October initiative, it is something that started the year we launched with the “Real Flamingos Wear Pink” campaign. Our brand mascot is the flamingo, which is why the lining of our pieces carry the signature pink color. It was only natural that we carry that color onto the exterior of one special piece each year. To be able to do that, bring awareness to Breast Cancer, and partner with organizations like Bright Pink, Men Against Breast Cancer, and the Lynn Sage Foundation is something we are honored to do. My mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer when I was 15, and I didn’t know how to support her through that process. We like to partner with organizations that focus on all of those affected by this disease…the patient, the family, and their friends.

Leaving corporate life to pursue your dreams requires courage, skill, and of course perseverance. Do you have any advice to give to anyone just starting out?

Don’t do it! Ha! But, honestly, we say that only as a test. Becoming an entrepreneur is not a glamorous job. It entails working literally around the clock, sacrifice, and faith. And, it has a lot to do with timing. Make sure you have the support system in place to help you execute your vision. And then, just persevere because the pay off is well worth it!!

Celebrities from New York to LA have been seen wearing your line (via Instagram and other social media outlets) Where would you like to see your line next (Europe, Asia, etc.)? Any future plans?

We are very excited about our new flagship store here in Chicago. Once that is up and running, we will most likely open additional locations. The plan right now is to have one additional domestic store, and then move into other countries. We have been fortunate enough to have clients from all over the world via our online store. It would be great to bring PRSVR to their neighborhoods.

The new store soft launched October 15th with its official opening November 1st at the 900 Michigan Avenue Shops. They are located on the fifth floor by the entrance of Bloomingdales. You can also visit their store “Hours” at 18th and Halsted in the Pilsen neighborhood or check them out online at PRSVR and HOURS.

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